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Top of Mount Shasta

Twenty-seven women, each with a connection to cancer, started their journey up Mt. Shasta on June 19 with the Breast Cancer Fund's 2012 Climb Against the Odds team.


Seventh Generation's own Juliet Moran took part in the climb last year and we're beyond proud of this year's group, which has been training and fundraising for months in anticipation of this day.


To climb against the odds is to put one foot in front of the other toward a goal that can sometimes seem out of reach, but becomes attainable with the strength of a team. On Tuesday, this group will climb a mountain; on other days the summit has been being declared cancer-free, supporting a best friend through her breast cancer diagnosis or even getting through one day of living with this devastating disease.


Seventh Generation supports the work of the Breast Cancer Fund, whose summit is prevention. The money raised by the Climb Against the Odds team funds their work to prevent breast cancer by eliminating our exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation linked to the disease. Like the mountain, it's a long haul full of challenges — and some exhilarating successes.


You can join the journey all week and meet this remarkable team as each climbs toward a personal summit somewhere along the way to 14,179 feet. And if this sounds like your kind of challenge, let the Breast Cancer Fund know! You'll be one of the first to get an application for the 2013 Climb Against the Odds team later this year. Don't miss your chance at the experience of a lifetime!

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