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In June, with a team of amazing men and women, I will join the Breast Cancer Fund's Climb Against the Odds, an extraordinary mountain expedition and journey to raise money for breast cancer prevention.

Thanks to all of you that have been supportive of me as I get ready for Mt Shasta.  Many of you have been asking how things are going and it really means so much.

Over the last few months things have been really been coming together. There are 46 days until I climb the mountain and gear has been arriving at the office weekly from sponsors of the Climb Against the Odds.  It's fun to open the boxes and see what goodies are coming my way and now when I go climbing on the weekends, I no longer feel like a ragamuffin and actually have the gear I need, which is a big relief.

I have been training hard by working out with a trainer two times a week, doing cardio two to three times a week, and climbing or hiking every other weekend.  I feel myself growing stronger and becoming more physically fit every day.  I was growing more excited by the day and my confidence was growing too until last week when I had a minor setback.

Last week, someone sent me the above picture of the mountain and I panicked.  They have had record snowfall on Mt Shasta and I learned that June is actually avalanche season.  My knee has been aching and giving me trouble and the mountain looked so big in the pictures that suddenly I felt small and scared and powerless.  Having those feelings really pissed me off, but I just couldn't shake them.…and then I ran into someone with breast cancer.

I was walking along this past Sunday afternoon shopping and soaking in the sun and I ran into a friend who was walking in the opposite direction.  After a quick greeting I asked her how she was doing and she told me that she had been better.  She was recovering from two major surgeries related to breast cancer and she was fighting for her life; she starts chemo today.  My instinct was to hug her and I wanted to but she stopped me and said that she couldn't be touched because she was in so much pain from her surgeries. My heart hurt when we parted but I gained perspective.

My knee will be fine and I am no longer scared and I am certainly not powerless. I am climbing for my friend and for others and to support the efforts of the Breast Cancer Fund. The mission of the Breast Cancer Fund is to identify -- and advocates for elimination of -- the environmental and other preventable causes Breast Cancer. 

Recently several people have asked me how to donate so I am resending the link.  You can donate here if you choose to: and I thank you. I raised about $9,500.00 to date and I hope to raise $15,000.  This is an awful lot of money  and I want you to know that  I appreciate any sized contributions that generously pledge and the BCF is doing amazing work.  Please forward this email to anyone that you think would like to donate to this cause.

Wishing you good health.

photo: Rick Chitwood

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