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Healthy Baby and Mom

by John Replogle, CEO, Seventh Generation 

Seventh Generation has been working passionately for years to eliminate exposure to toxic chemicals that harm human health by supporting sound federal toxics control legislation, working with our industry to promote ingredient disclosure and use of safer chemicals, and educating consumers about toxics. One of our highest priorities is working for a strong, effective law to regulate toxic chemicals in the United States. We speak loudest through our products: We won’t use chemicals of concern and disclose all ingredients right on our packaging.

Our current Campaign for a Toxin Free Generation has given us a platform from which to educate our consumers around protecting their families and children and has allowed us to mobilize their  support  in calling on Congress to strengthen and pass this legislation.

And for the first time in over a generation, we stand on the verge of passing a comprehensive chemical reform policy that would enhance greatly the health and safety of millions and millions of children and families.  This is an important time. We believe the bi-partisan Chemical Safety Improvement Act includes crucial and necessary reforms to the 30-year-old Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).  However, we also believe that in order to fully protect our communities, the bill must be strengthened.

Our NGO partners, Women’s Voices for the Earth ,The Breast Cancer Fund, and Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families do not support the legislation in its current form. We stand with them in acknowledging that the current bill falls short in a number of important areas:

  1. The legislation must respect the right of states to protect their residents if the federal government fails to do so or is slow to act.
  2. Science, not industry influence must drive policy. The bill must go much further to protect scientific integrity from undue industry influence.
  3. It must allow for the Environmental Protection Agency to take fast action on the worst chemicals and include specific timetables for such regulatory actions.
  4. It must protect the most vulnerable among us, including pregnant women, children, workers and communities who are disproportionately exposed to chemical exposures.
  5. The legislation should require that the public has access to information regarding the safety of chemicals; that the onus is on chemical manufacturers to demonstrate chemicals are safe before they are allowed to enter the marketplace; and that the federal government invest in developing safer alternatives to toxic chemicals.

Seventh Generation will work with its allies to ensure that these key areas are addressed and that the bill is strengthened and passed.   

A Call to Action for Consumers

Write your legislator. Let them know you want Congress to strengthen and pass chemical policy reform.

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