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I am about to join a team of amazing men and women as I take part in the Breast Cancer Fund's Climb Against the Odds, an extraordinary mountain expedition and journey to raise money for breast cancer prevention.

Before I left, Seventh Generation gave me a fantastic sendoff party.   My colleagues' support and words of encouragement, along with a mountain of rice krispee treats and a tee shirt signed by everyone made me feel like a rock star! The megaphone cheers were wind at my back as I headed West to California a few days ago filled with excitement and inspiration.

My mother is accompanying me on this trip and she is about as excited as I am.  We flew into San Francisco over the weekend and began the journey north to Mt. Shasta.  I saw many pictures of the mountain over the last several months but today, when I saw the mountain suddenly appear as if from out of nowhere as I drove to Shasta along the highway. It took my breath away.  It is so majestic and beautiful.

For the first two nights I am rooming with my mom and Betsy Gordon. Betsy is climbing to the top with me and my mom will hold the fort down at the lodge when we start our climb on Tuesday.

Most of the other climbers have not arrived yet but my climbing companion, Betsy Ogden (another Betsy) who was my climbing partner since February is here with her partner, Jim. Today we are going to meet bright and early, go to the mountain and hike up to approximately 8,500 feet to get a bit acclimated.  My mom is coming too.  There are rumors here in Shasta that the mountain is magical and if my mother is inspired to hike with us it must be true!


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Juliet used to work at Seventh Generation.