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Children Learning About Seventh Generation

What happens when sixty 4th and 5th graders descend on our offices?  A whole lot of fun, combined with a whole lot of learning!  Students from Mrs. Gordon's, Mrs. Smith's and Mr. Fitzsimmons' classes at the Sustainability Academy at Lawrence Barnes School in Burlington visited Seventh Generation for some place-based learning as part of a class economics unit that will roll into a class project.

Seventh Generation Scientist Cara Bondi talked about how and why we choose our ingredients and why that makes a difference to our environment and to human health. She also talked about the difference between ingredients made from plants and ingredients made from petroleum. Chris Miller, Head of Corporate Consciousness, helped the students understand the environmental and economic benefits of our concentrated laundry detergent and its bottle made from molded recycled cardboard pulp as compared to our standard laundry detergent which is bottled in post consumer recycled plastic (PCR).

Students were quick to see that Seventh Generation thinks about sustainability in many of the same ways they do in their lessons and projects. After a Q&A session, some hands-on activities and a tour of the lab, the gang headed back to their classrooms.


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