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Cutting Lemons and Limes

It’s easy to jump into your New Year resolutions with a bang, ready to take on our challenges - and just as easy to let them fall by the wayside. Try these tactics to keep your good intentions going through the entire year!  

  1. Be Realistic. It’s easy to set lofty goals when the new year excitement is still fresh. Set yourself up for success by avoiding resolutions based on outcomes rather than actions. Actions you can control – and will help you work towards an outcome – but many outcomes you can’t control on your own. Think in terms of intentions rather than resolutions.
  2. Buddy System. Often times telling someone else about a plan, goal or desire to do something holds you more accountable to getting it done. Same goes for resolutions. Tell a friend, family member or work colleague – you may be more inclined to keep working towards a resolution knowing that someone will ask about your progress. Look for apps or tools that allow you to connect to others easily. 
  3. Baby Steps. Don’t burn yourself out (physically or mentally!) by trying to do everything at once. Set a pace you can feel comfortable with. Is your goal to work out an hour a day, but you don't exercise at all now? Start with 20 minutes and add to that once it gets easier.
  4. Subscribe. Have you resolved to be more mindful about the products you bring into your home? Make it easy by enrolling in a subscription for sustainable versions of the products you use every day. In the summer, subscribe to a local CSA for healthy vegetables delivered weekly, or look for healthy meal ingredient delivery services.
  5. Automate. Set it and forget. More and more of our daily chores have automation options, from paying bills on time by setting up automatic payments, to smart thermostats that help you save energy by adjusting temperatures automatically. Schedule automatic delivery of household basics so you can save more time for the other resolutions on your list.
  6. Build the Habit. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. Research suggests that habits take 20-70 days to form. Don't give up! Build your resolution into your routine and it becomes that much easier to achieve!
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