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Sleeping in Bed

In Part 1, we reviewed the first five basics for detoxification concerning colon support and lymphatic drainage. We now tackle liver regeneration and supporting your body's overall healing capacities.

Liver support:
All cellular waste goes into your blood and is primarily filtered by your liver. You need to boost liver function in order to detoxify effectively.

  • 6. Chlorophyll:
    The pigment in green vegetables is by far the greatest substance to support blood cleansing and liver regeneration. Adding lots of deeply colored greens, seaweeds and even chlorophyll supplements (like spirulina, chlorella or wheatgrass) is absolutely essential for detoxification.
  • 7. Lemon:
    The vitamin C and enzymes from freshly squeezed lemon activate the liver's detoxification pathways. Start your mornings with a glass of lukewarm water and the juice of ½ a lemon. Drink more water with lemon throughout the day if you like.
  • 8. Oil:
    Olive oil, flax oil and coconut oil will keep your liver nourished and lubricated. Taking 1 tbsp of olive oil or flax oil before bed will produce a small liver flush carrying waste into your colon for elimination.

Turning on healing:
Overeating, stress and lack of sleep impede detoxification because the body is so taxed. In your detox you must reverse this.

  • 9. Digestive easing:
    Eat simple meals consisting of mostly vegetables, fruit and healthy oils. What you eat will depend on the season. A winter cleanse will require more cooked vegetables than a summer cleanse where you can eat mostly raw.
  • 10. Sleep:
    Getting good quality 7-8 hours of sleep in a fasting state will promote healing and detoxification.

These are the basics. Any good detoxification program needs to incorporate these as a starting point. Supplements can also be helpful, but a supplement alone will not do much.

The final critical element I always tell people about is support. Doing a detox program requires a lot of energy and commitment. Most people need the support of a group to keep them motivated, inspired and accountable. As such, a detox experience can be truly life changing.

About Morella Devost, EdM, MA
Morella is a health coach who has been leading detox programs for the past seven years. Her passion for detoxification started as it does for most people: from personal experience. She found that the right foods, the right mindset and effective detoxification were essential to healing serious hormone issues, cystic acne and chronic allergies that had plagued her for nearly a decade. She now coaches people individually and in groups to help their bodies heal naturally through food, detoxification and healthy thoughts and emotions. She helps people everywhere in the world from her office in Winooski, VT. See her upcoming detox programs at:

Morella has created a special report on the recommended supplements for detoxification for Seventh Generation members. Visit here for your free copy.