Our Mission

To inspire a consumer revolution that nurturesthe health of the next seven generations.


Meet Ashley, our Director of Mission Advocacy & Engagement. Our mission to leave the world a better place is at the heart of everything Seventh Generation does, and Ashley is one of our most passionate advocates. Watch the video to learn more!

We Believe

That you have a right to know that the products you buy are safe for you, your family, and our environment.

That a company's values are as important as the products it makes.

That plant-based products can provide exceptional efficacy.

That products designed from renewable plant-based ingredients are better for the planet than products made from petroleum.

That you have a right to know what's inside the bottle you buy. Always.

That waste, is well... a waste. It's why we use recycled materials to design our packaging, and why we design our packaging to be recycled.

Nurture Nature

We care today for the next seven generations of tomorrows.

Transform Commerce

We champion honesty, responsibility, and radical transparency in commerce.

Enhance Health

We enhance health through education, activism, and innovation.

Build Communities

We advance social justice and equality to unleash human potential.

Annual Sustainability Reports:

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Many voices together

Companies for Safer Chemicals Coalition

In 2013, the American Sustainable Business Council and Seventh Generation co-founded the Companies for Safer Chemicals Coalition. The Coalition represents over 200 leading businesses united in the belief that meaningful chemical reform can unleash economic and job growth and protect the consumers we serve and the communities live in. The coalition is calling for reform to improve transparency, safety, and innovation, fostering solutions that lead to sustainable, safer products and technologies.

Safer Chemicals Coalition

Hundreds of businesses, brands, health organizations, environmental organizations, and parental organizations have joined Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families national effort to protect families from toxic chemicals.

Now, almost everything we do affects everything else in unimaginable ways and business as usual cannot successfully lead us into a brighter beyond. We are in urgent need of a new and better business model.

John Replogle, CEO

Join a community supporting bright & safe solutions for raising healthy kids.