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Seventh Generation Employees at State House/Toxic Chemical Reform

A group from Seventh Generation brought their voices to the Vermont State House to advocate for toxic chemical reform. On Wednesday, February 12, they joined families from Vermont in Montpelier to show that everyday citizens can express their views about the issues they care about and effect change!

The group participated in VPIRG’s Toxic Free Families Day event, and expressed their support for the current Senate Bill S. 239, which would identify chemicals of concern and phase out those with the highest priority from Vermont’s marketplace.

The Seventh Generation crew attended a press conference where they heard from Vermont Senators and Representatives, concerned mothers, and representatives from firefighters and nurses association. In addition, they spoke to senators and sat in on a Senate Health and Welfare Committee session on the bill in question.

Although there has been some movement nationally with the introduction of the bi-partisan Chemical Safety Improvement Act in 2013, states have recognized the need to carry the torch for chemical reform. Currently, more than 33 states are considering chemical safety legislation that would extend beyond federal laws. We firmly believe in the importance of states stepping in where national legislation is failing, and continue to advocate for toxic chemical reform on both the national and state level.

Vermont Leading the Nation on Toxic Chemical Reform

As the Green Mountain state, we have the opportunity to lead the nation in toxic chemical reform with S. 239 and demonstrate the importance of protecting the most vulnerable populations among us, including children, pregnant women and the elderly.

But we can’t do it alone, the need for collective action couldn’t be greater and the opportunities to share your voice on toxic chemical reform are plentiful! We need you to reach out to your senators and express why chemical reform is important to you!

We encourage all Vermonters to reach out to their senators and express their support for S. 239. Those outside of Vermont can check Safer States for information on chemical reform in their states. And we can all continue to express our support for a considerably strengthened CSIA on the national level.

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