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Climate Justice Commit to Clean: 100 City Celebration
We have some very good news to share.

Just a few days ago, a huge milestone in our collective journey to 100% renewable energy was reached when Cincinnati, Ohio became the 100th city to pledge a switch to 100% renewable electricity by 2035. With your help, we’ve seen cities across the country make the pledge, from Denton, Texas to Santa Barbara, California. With every city that Commits to Clean through 100% renewable energy, we take another important step toward reducing the negative health effects caused by climate change and the burning of fossil fuels. The solution is here and we’ve seen that it not only is attainable—it’s a solution being embraced across the nation because of the power in our collective voice.

Hands holding Commit to Clean sign
How did we get here?

For over thirty years, we’ve been committed to the idea that business can be a force for good in the world—that a business can be successful and stand for what’s right. At Seventh Generation, we stand for nurturing the health of the next seven generations through the products we make and the actions we take.

That’s why we partnered with Sierra Club, who created the #Readyfor100 Campaign as a way to grow revolutionary, grass-roots climate activism here in the U.S. Like so many of us, Sierra Club realized that we don’t have to wait for big government intervention to stand up for our environment. Climate change may be a global challenge, but our best chance to make a difference is actually at the local level when communities and local leaders come together. Sierra Club has made it easy to take action, so you can tell your leaders that your city is ready. Many have already used their voices, and this 100-city achievement is a shining example of how powerful we can be together.

Climate Justice Commit to Clean: San Francisco Climate March

Sierra Club was also inspired by international leadership, and the fact that 55 countries around the world, including Norway and Canada, already get over half their energy from renewable resources.[1] The good news is that renewable energy solutions, such as wind and solar, are now more readily available and cheaper than ever.[2] Solar installations in the U.S are steadily increasing[3], and unlike fossil fuels, wind and solar energy require almost no water to produce, so they don’t strain fragile water systems[4]. Combine this with the fact that more everyday people are making small, impactful changes—such as commuting by bike and utilizing local food sources to cut down on fossil fuel use— the time is right for change. 

Here at Seventh Generation, we’re #Readyfor100 not just for our planet’s health—but for human health, too. That’s why we’re shedding light on the fact that negative changes in our environment often result in negative effects on our health—especially for those least responsible: children, communities of color, and the elderly. We’ve written about Asthma and Heat Illness, both of which are increasing as a result of fossil fuel use.[5] We’re also telling the stories of the amazing people who are inspiring this rapid transition to 100% renewable. People like Reverend Burton from St. Louis who says, “my community is ready to do what needs to be done,” and teenage climate activist Haven Coleman, who believes that it’s time for her generation “to take our future into our own hands, and start making change ourselves.”

Seventh Generation Sierra Club Generation Ready Event Climate Action Summit with Haven Coleman

In addition, Seventh Generation is leading by example by participating in powerful events like September’s Rise for Climate, as well as helping organize Generation Ready, a night of storytelling featuring inspiring climate leaders from around the country.

Getting over 100 cities to 100% renewable is a major victory, but the work is only just beginning. With each new city that commits to 100% renewable, and with each new person that stands up to make positive change, our optimism for a healthier future only grows. We’re proud to have you with us on this journey, and we can’t wait to keep going. As Sierra Club Director Mike Brune recently said, “These first 100 cities are trailblazers that will lead our country beyond dirty fuels. It is a future we are ready for.”






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