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We Support the Global Climate Strike

The real champions moving climate action forward are everyday people standing up for what they believe. On Sept 20th, the Youth Climate Movement lead a Global Climate Strike to let all leaders know that climate action can’t wait. Their efforts show that the next generation is ready to make their mark and fight for a healthier future. #ClimateStrike

Lucie S Czech Republic
Lucie S - Brno, Czech Republic
Evan M Argentina Activist
Evan M - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Miranda G S. Australia Activist
Miranda G - Adelaide, South Australia
Eyal W Argentina Activist
Eyal W - Buenos Aires, Argentina
John Paul M Florida Activist
John Paul M - Miami, Florida
Xiye B NYC Activist
Xiye B - New York, New York
Subin W South Australia Activist
Subin W - Adelaide, South Australia
We Stand with the Youth Climate Movement

Our planet’s future and the health of generations to come is far too important for business as usual, which is why we constantly strive to make our products more sustainable, why we’re racing to reduce our carbon footprint and become a zero-waste company by 2025, and why we’re advocating for climate justice – including adding our voice and support to recent work led by organizations like NY Renews and PUSH Buffalo to help pass landmark climate legislation in New York State.