Your New Year's Resolutions for Healthy Household Cleaning

Free Tote BagHere's to a safe and healthy 2010! Last month, we asked you to share your new year's resolutions for green household cleaning. We've compiled what you told us below -- and will soon be sending tote bags to 25 Nation members selected at random. Thanks to everyone for posting such great thoughts and tips! Many Nation members resolve to remove all chemical cleaners from their homes. Aprilemery says she would like "ANY cleaning product I buy this year to be the safest for my family and the best for the environment." Nation member AERoach has slowly been making the switch to natural cleaning products, and in 2010 is "building up the courage" to move to a green laundry detergent. AmethystBelly is about to move into a household with a young child and wants "to set a great example and ONLY use eco-friendly and safe cleaning products, teaching her to respect her own health as well as the earth's, by using all green products." Other Nation members said vowed to take green cleaning beyond their homes. Julia Mielish's goal is to "make a bigger push at my job to use more environmentally friendly cleaners there. My first step is to clean my office with my own products, and then move on to maintenance and housekeeping. A big goal, but I'm hoping for change by this time next year." Another popular resolution was to spread the word about green cleaning. greengalz, keeko, kbb1109 and seehorce will offer tips to neighbors and family, and seehorce might "sneak a couple bottles" of natural cleaners in with the other products at family and friend's homes. dunnsmile plans to give the gift of green cleaning. "For example, for a house warming gift, placing Seventh Generation cleaning products in a basket (baskets from Salvation Army or garage sales work great!) or a baby shower, giving cloth or Seventh Generation diapers along with laundry detergent as part of the gift." Nation Member kbb1109 has a similar plan: "My goal for this year is to spread the word to family and friends. I cringe at the number of chemicals that are used. My first "target" is my mother in law. I am going to share some of our products with her and hope that she will see they clean as well or better than the chemical laden ones she has now." Note from Seventh Generation to greengalz, keeko, kbb1109 and seehorce: Please fill out your profiles so other Nation members can learn more about you!) Nation Member toyco91 says, "I believe that each person that I tell about being cleaner and greener makes the earth safer." Many nation members said they would make the move to reusable cleaning materials. jax0777 says her family has switched to washable rags for "wiping down counters, windows, and mirrors. No more using a whole roll of paper towels for the windows!" Other nation members are fusing old toothbrushes to make bathroom scrubbers, and are making rags from worn-out towels and tee-shirts. Several Nation members promised themselves they would clean their homes more frequently. kumquat vowed to fold laundry as soon as it comes out of the dryer, rather than "getting dressed from the couch rather than the closet." Others want to clean before dirt and grime set in, saving themselves time in the long run. One Nation Member, 5webs, offers an honest and cheerful look at housecleaning in the new year: "I always thought that when I got married and had children that I would be like Martha Stewart, and that my home would gleam and shine from hours of concentrated effort. But the reality in my home is somewhat different, because unless I want to completely ignore my four-year-old, my three-year-old, and my two-year-old, then something has got to give. My new cleaning resolution is to clean purposefully and thoroughly, and then to let the rest of my expectations fly right out the window. Life is about balance, and while I may not have the cleanest home on the planet, I do have pretty content children. So come on in, dust bunnies, and enjoy the party!" OK, off we go to fulfill our resolutions for healthy household cleaning! Nation members: Throughout the year, you can follow our newsletter and 7Gen blog for opportunities to let us know how your resolutions are going! –The Team at Seventh Generation