5 Tips for Getting Settled After You Move

Family having fun with moving boxes.

Moving itself can be such an ordeal—the packing, the stress, the cost—that it’s easy to forget that you still have to un-pack and adjust on the other end. Not to mention, you’re about to be the new kid/family in town who doesn’t yet know their way around. Where are the schools? What’s the recycling program like? Is there decent pizza?

To help you keep the post-moving blues at bay so you can embrace and enjoy the change that’s coming, we’re sharing our Top 5 Tips for Getting Settled After You Move.

Tip #1: Pack Yourself a Welcome Basket

Picture this: Your house is full of boxes, nothing is unpacked, and you have no idea where you put the toilet paper. Or maybe one of the kids just skinned a knee and the Band Aids are AWOL. It could be you just need a bite of dark chocolate to de-stress, and you can’t find that either!

Deep breath.

Before you move, take some time to pack yourself a care package that contains some household essentials, as well as a few just-for-you items to make you smile. Here’s our suggested list:

  • Trash bags
  • Scissors
  • Plant-based dish soap and a sponge
  • Band-Aids
  • A few laundry packs
  • Multi-surface wipes
  • A roll of toilet paper and paper towels
  • Extra batteries
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Chocolate & other favorite snacks
  • Your preferred aromatherapy (candle, diffuser, etc)
  • A note to yourself that reads: You Got This!

Tip #2: Get Grounded in Your New Area

Speed up your adjustment period by getting grounded in your new town. Do some research on news boards and community forums (like Front Porch Forum) to start connecting with your neighbors. Learn about seasonal events and local happenings. Get tips on safety and wellness. And if you’re still furnishing your new space, this is a great way to find secondhand furniture as well as recommendations if your home needs service or repairs.

Tip #3: Take a Walk (or Drive)

You’ve worked hard to set up your utilities, changed your mailing address, and other important moving-checklist essentials. But let’s get real: where’s the best latte in this town? One of the best and most fun ways to start living like a local is to walk, bike, or drive the streets of your new area. Discover that tucked away coffee shop where you can hole up with a steamy beverage. Bump into an adorable bistro for your first post-move date night. Find a new favorite bookstore. Start feeling at home by embracing the best of what’s around.

Tip #4: Stay Sustainable

Your values go where you go. And as someone who takes the time to live with the health of this and future generations in mind, it will feel great knowing you can still be you no matter where you are. Research sustainable tips and habits in your area. Is there a local composting program? What day is recycling day? What does your new city/town do to support sustainable living, such as volunteer days to greenify common spaces or incentives for installing renewable upgrades to your home? You can also visit local food co-ops to start getting to know the best farms and food producers. Food grown and made locally is often more sustainable because it doesn’t have to travel as far—and sometimes it just tastes better!

Tip #5: Start Connecting

Moving can feel isolating for all of us. And it can be hard to get outside of your comfort zone. That’s why we love the local library. Libraries are not just home to books; they’re community spaces designed to make people feel welcome and connected. Start with the lobby bulletin board or peruse your library’s website. Be bold and introduce yourself to thea librarian. You’ll likely find great info on playgroups, book clubs, community happenings, and opportunities that will help you shake off that “new kid” feeling.

Bonus Tip: Spoil Yourself

Schedule yourself a massage ahead of time. Book a dinner reservation in advance. Buy tickets for an upcoming evening in your new town. However you do it, take a minute before you move and put something on the post-move calendar that’s just for you. Commit to caring for yourself and you’ll be better prepared to show up for all that’s coming your way.