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Product Donations for Approved Non-Profits

Making a difference is important to all of us at Seventh Generation. We truly believe that business is one of the most powerful instruments for meaningful change on our planet. We are proud of our 27-year history of corporate giving and supporting groups working for progressive social change in the areas of women's issues, environmental sustainability, and human health.

Gift Bag Donations

As you can imagine we get many requests to donate to worthy organizations. Requests are reviewed monthly so please allow at least 60 days prior to an event to allow processing time. Given the large number of requests we receive; we primarily focus on providing support within our home state of Vermont. We are only able to fulfill a limited number of requests beyond this. While we would like to honor all requests, we give preference to groups that are in alignment with Seventh Generation's Values. We ask that you review our donation guidelines at the top of the request form before submitting your request. You can submit your request here.

Requests are limited to small gift bags and we do not donate money or gift certificates.

Thank you for bringing this opportunity to us. I hope we can work together to create a safer world for the future generations.

Seventh Generation Foundation Grants:

Our Foundation conducts two separate programs: The Sustainability Grant Program and the Vermont Community Building Grant Program.

The Sustainability Program focuses on US based organizations that work to bring about positive change and sustainable solutions by helping us achieve the aspirations we have as a business – with a priority on enhancing health of homes and schools. This program is by invite-only.

The Vermont Community Building Grants support Vermont organizations working to help future generations thrive by making a positive and lasting difference in children's lives through progress in education and human and environmental health. To learn more about our Vermont Community Building Grant Program, email