September 24, 2019

Generation Good for a Zero Waste Future

Generation Good for a Zero Waste Future

Waste is a growing problem that’s polluting our environment and starting to have some serious effects on human health. At Seventh Generation, we want to inspire the packaged goods industry—and likeminded people everywhere—to invest in change that will ensure future generations to come will inherit the healthy planet they deserve. 

We’re proud to be leaders in creating more sustainable, less wasteful products—and are on track to be a completely zero-waste company by 2025—but we know it goes beyond our products and our goals. It’s the small, everyday acts that add up and together, become a powerful force for good.

Thinking and acting with future generations in mind is what makes you Generation Good – and our collective journey towards a zero waste revolution is well on its way. Our Generation Good online community is a place to connect with like-minded families & others to learn from and help along the way, so we asked them how they’re making small changes to reduce waste, especially when it comes to single-use plastic and paper products. Here are some of our favorite tips:  

Tips to Reduce Plastic Use:
  • “I use stainless steel or glass bottles for coffee and water. They can go in the dishwasher and be re-used over and over.”—Maryann T
  • “I purchase eggs from local farmers packed in paper, not plastic, and local milk in glass returnable bottles.”—Nicoleta S
  •  “When I buy produce, I don’t put it into plastic bags. I just put it in my reusable bag and then take it out to check out.”—Sherrese S.
  • “Instead of cling wrap, I use beeswax wrap. I also cut up old socks or t-shirts to use as cleaning rags.”—Liza W.
  • “While packing my children's lunch, I am opting for fewer individually packaged goods, which decreases non-recyclable waste and processed foods.”—Christina D.
  • “Travel a lot? I've stopped buying travel-size shampoos and things, and I fill up reusable containers for these items. It saves me time, money, and plastic!”—Nyssa M.
  • “I buy skin care products and toiletries that use plastic-free packaging—bamboo toothbrushes, glass bottles, and aluminum tins.”—Julie C.
  • “At restaurants, [skip] the drinking straw and bring your own reusable one instead. Also, use a razor with replaceable blades instead of disposable razors.”—Harley D.
  • “We collect rainwater for our gardens and recently put solar panels on the roof. We cut our energy bill into a quarter of what it used to be!”—Shannon C.


Tips to Reduce Paper Use:
  • “Keep papers the kids bring home from school, and if it's blank on one side, cut it up for scratch paper!”—Melissa M.  
  • “You can switch to electronic bills instead of paper ones to decrease your paper use.”—Brenda F.
  • “We are recycling as much paper as possible so it can be recycled and reused!”—Hendrika V.
  • “Try giving cloth napkins a try. Don’t worry, sauces will wash right out, and it makes dinner more of an event.”—Samantha P.
  • “Don't print off unnecessary things. Instead, save important documents on a flash drive.”—Melissa B.
  • “Instead of gift wrap or bags, use comics or coupon inserts to wrap presents.”—Dee R.
  • “Use a white board for grocery/shopping lists and take a picture on your phone instead of paper!”—Crystal W.


Feeling inspired? Keep the zero-waste revolution going! Take our Zero Waste Challenge, which was inspired by everyday people like you who are spreading the word about reducing waste. It’s a fun and easy way to assess your own environmental impact—and there’s a chance to win prizes!

We also encourage you to join the conversation as a member of our online community, Generation Good. Share what you know and learn what you need with like-minded parents & others as we all join forces to cut waste and grow good together.  

Generation Good for a Zero Waste Future
Show us what small acts you've taken towards a zero-waste future. Take on our #ZeroWasteChallenge!