March 20, 2023

How to Make Spring Cleaning Less Overwhelming

Adult cleaning window with Seventh Generation Glass Cleaner as dog and child nearby

It’s spring! Longer temps + warmer days = sweet relief. Oh, and cleaning. Lots and lots of cleaning. And while giving your whole house a much-needed deep scrub can start off as an exciting project, it can quickly become exhausting and overwhelming.


So, this year, we’re rethinking our approach to this annual ritual and sharing tips so you can have your spring clean—and keep your sanity too.


De-clutter Before You Deep Clean: After a long winter of I’ll get to it later, there’s a lot to be done to get your space ready for spring. This also means it’s easy to get overwhelmed fast. Before you scrub those baseboards and polish your windows, do a de-cluttering pass through your house. Go room by room. Put clothes away. Discard or recycle neglected items. Organize books and magazines. That way, when you go to deep clean, you can focus on that pesky dirt and grime that really deserve your attention and not get distracted.


Listen to Your Caddy: Nothing breaks your cleaning groove like having to go look for that bottle of cleaner you just set down, or the rag you’re sure was right there! Our pro hack? Invest in a simple cleaning caddy that can hold all the basics and accompany you as you clean. Pull out what you need, then put it right back when you’re done. That way, you’ll always have the supplies you need handy, and always be able to find what you’re looking for.


Set a Timer: De-stress your spring cleaning by breaking it up into short bursts instead of an exhausting, full-day marathon. Try twenty to thirty minutes of cleaning, followed by a short break to chill, snack, do some yoga, or spend time with your family. We promise, the cleaning will still be waiting for you when break time is over. And you’ll feel less stressed along the way.


Whistle (or dance!) While You Work: Sure, cleaning is work, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a little fun too. Before you roll up your sleeves and start applying all that elbow grease, make yourself the perfect throwback playlist, pop on a favorite podcast, or click play on that audiobook you’ve been meaning to dig into. Distracting your mind from the task at hand is a great way to make the time—and cleaning—fly by.


Multi-Purpose for the Win: Reduce the number of cleaners you’ll need by keeping a plant-based multi-purpose cleaner on hand. That way you can clean countertops, floors, bathrooms, and most of your home’s surfaces with a single bottle of hardworking cleaner. Even better, if you choose a multi-purpose cleaner made with scents from real essential oils and botanical ingredients, you can enjoy some refreshing aromatherapy along the way.


Choose Safer Products: Part of the stress of deep cleaning comes with concerns about the ingredients in all the products you use in your home and around your family. Choose Safer Choice Certified cleaners and detergents that work like you expect them to and are formulated with your family’s safety and future generations in mind.


Reward Yourself: Before you start cleaning, plan out a way to celebrate your accomplishment. Sure, cleaning and other chores simply come with being an adult, but we never outgrow the pride we feel in a job well done—or the promise of a treat just over the finish line. Make a reservation at your favorite restaurant, sync up cleaning sessions with a friend and meet for coffee when you’re both done, or treat yourself to a new book at your local bookseller. It’s important to celebrate small victories.


Cheers, and happy spring!