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Seventh Generation EasyDose Laundry Detergent

Life can be complicated. But that doesn’t mean your laundry routine has to be. If you’ve been looking for a plant-powered laundry solution that delivers a clean you can trust with less mess and guesswork, we’ve got just the product for you.

Meet our EasyDoseTM Ultra Concentrated Laundry Detergent. Once you’ve tried it, we think you’ll agree there’s never been another laundry detergent—or another laundry bottle—quite like it.

Have you ever wondered how much laundry detergent you should use for a load? Or have you spilled a little while overpouring detergent? Well, those days are over. EasyDoseTM features a revolutionary auto-dosing cap that measures the right amount of liquid—every time. Just flip the bottle fully upside down, give a FIRM squeeze, and the bottle stops for you. So easy you can do it one-handed! Plus, with no more wasteful, messy overpouring, you get less stress and save detergent by using only what you need. Not to mention, our new compact bottle is designed to work for your busy lifestyle—and the planet. You get 66 loads in a 23 fl oz bottle that uses 60% less plastic, 50% less water, and is 75% lighter than our 100 fl oz laundry bottle. That means it’s lighter to ship, easier to store, easier to use—and easier to love.

Now, we know what you might be thinking. Can such a super-concentrated dose really deliver the clean my family needs—and simplify my laundry routine? You bet it can! Our advanced-enzyme formula is powered by plant-based ingredients and tested on 60 of your toughest stains. You don’t need to sacrifice clean for convenience – EasyDoseTM does it all while lessening our collective impact on our planet’s resources.

But don’t just take our word for it! The reviews are coming in: One mom loves it because you can still get a load of laundry going even “when you have a fussy baby in one hand, or a toddler trying to get into everything in the laundry room.”

Other users have been pleasantly surprised when trying EasyDoseTM, noticing how little detergent it takes to wash a full load, how much less space the bottle takes up in the laundry room, less wasted detergent that comes with a self-measuring bottle, and even how easy the compact bottle is to pack for long trips where you need to do laundry.

If you can’t tell, everyone’s excited about EasyDoseTM. As one busy mom puts it, “it’s easy, it’s quick—and it cleans your clothes.” We couldn’t have said it better.

Keep life even easier and ship EasyDoseTM to your door with one-click! Shop now on Amazon.

Save Time with EasyDose!

Seventh Generation's EasyDose ultra-concentrated laundry detergent can help save you time during the crazy back-to-school season. How do you #EasyDoseIt?
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