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Hanging Out Festival

Did you know that drying clothes outside on a clothesline is illegal in some states? That someone in the US was shot and killed simply because he wanted to dry his clothes outdoors? That our planet's economic and environmental future hangs on an unlikely thread: the clothesline?


British filmmaker Steven Lake crisscrossed the world to unravel the reasons why clotheslines have been banished in favor of tumble dryers. As it turns out, corporate America sold us an electric dream: replacing simple centuries-old, outdoors line-drying with the electricity-hungry dryer. The consequences? An increase in the demand for electricity across the globe. With developing nations now starting their own love affair with what is again being sold as an electric utopia, the demand for electricity to power clothes dryers is increasing exponentially.


From the sunny gardens of California where clotheslines are banned to India's communal open air Laundromats, a new film, DRYING FOR FREEDOM, is a voyage into the new environmental battlefield where money, status, and class come first and the consequences for our planet come second.


The Drying for Freedom "Hanging Out Festival" is April 19 - May 5. A global festival, it will unite thousands of environmental enthusiasts organizing their own screenings of the award-winning environmental documentary DRYING FOR FREEDOM in homes, libraries, community centers, bars, and cafes to help raise awareness of how we can all make a difference. The festival aims to screen the movie in over 300 venues in 20 different countries, and you can help. Register for your Festival Pack here

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