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Extra Strong Tall Kitchen Trash Bags - Drawstring
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Product Description

You need a reliable trash bag in your kitchen; we've all had that experience when it breaks as you take it out. Yuck. Gencore® 3-layer technology sandwiches recycled material between two layers of virgin plastic so these bags are tough and resistant to tearing, giving you confidence when you pull your trash bag out of the can. These drawstring kitchen trash bags are made with 65% post-consumer recycled plastic, and flap tie bags are made with 55% recycled plastic (minimum 16% post-consumer recycled plastic).

How to Use

Drawstring Trash Bags
65% post-consumer recycled plastic.

Flap Tie Trash Bags
55% recycled plastic (minimum 16% post-consumer recycled plastic).

Product Manufactured in: Indiana, USA
Ingredient Origins: USA

Trash Bags with convenient drawstring or flap tie closure

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