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Environmental Savings On Our Products

When you buy Seventh Generation products, you help make a difference for the world we live in.

Our products are manufactured in the most sustainable way possible, and we use only those ingredients that do not pose chronic health risks and that are safe for the environment. We use only recycled paper in our paper products, primarily post-consumer materials, and we never use chlorine bleach. We disclose all ingredients for all of our cleaning products.

Our savings ticker is based on average, daily sales for some of our products in the US and Canada. The numbers you see on the tree and petroleum savings statements represent sales of these products from 1999 through the present. Every day, the ticker increases as people buy our products and make a difference for the environment.

Trees saved is based on sales of the following Seventh Generation products:

  • Paper Towels, white, 3-pack and single
  • Paper Towels, brown, single
  • Bath Tissue, 4 pack
  • Bath Tissue, 12 pack
  • Facial Tissue, 85 sheets

Petroleum saved is based on sales of these Seventh Generation products:

  • 2X Liquid Laundry, Free & Clear and all scents, all sizes
  • Dish Liquid, all scents, 25 ounce
  • All-Purpose Cleaner, 32 ounce

An example of how we calculate the Environmental Savings Statement for an individual product:
"If every household in the U.S. replaced just one 32oz. bottle of solvent based cleaner with a 32oz bottle of Seventh Generation All Purpose Cleaner we could save 9.3 million pounds of VOCs from entering our environment."

How do we get to this figure?

We multiply:
the product weight (32oz)
the pounds of VOCs per oz found in solvent based cleaners (0.00263 lbs) (based on California Air Resources Board [CARB]limits from 2010)
the U.S. and Canadian household populations (117.5 million) (2010 Census Data)