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Body Wash & Deodorant

100% biodegradable body wash and deodorant formulas. Try our Water-Friendly formulas that are Made Safe certified.

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Introducing Seventh Generation Personal Care

Featuring 100% biodegradable body wash and deodorant.

Help nurture our planet’s sources of water for future generations to come. Our new line of personal care all starts with our Water-Friendly formulas®. Our formulas, instead of sticking around and potentially causing harm in waterways, breakdown and biodegrade in the environment.
Our new body wash contains shea butter that helps moisturize your skin as it cleans. Our new line of body wash scents includes: Mandarin & Yuzu, Lavender & Cedarwood, Purifying Charcoal. We also have a Free & Clear body wash that contains no fragrances, ideal for those with sensitive skin. The bottles for our body wash are made from 70% OceanBound® plastic. This helps protect our waterways and helps remove future ocean waste.
Seventh Generation is also launching a line of aluminum-free deodorants gives you 24-hour odor protection to accommodate your busy schedule. Our scents include: Citrus, Activated Charcoal, Powder Fresh Scent, & Mountain Morning. These deodorants also contain shea butter that go on smooth and easy. The entire line of our new personal care products are MADE SAFE® certified. This means that products carrying this certification have passed rigorous testing to ensure that they are made with safe ingredients
Seventh Generation is on a mission to protect our planet’s water. We are donating 25¢ per pack water (up to 1 million packs) to our friends at Clean Water Action who are also working to stop water pollution and to protect our drinking water.