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Period Care

Organic cotton tampons, chlorine-free processed pads and pantiliners. The leak protection you need with no added fragrances or deodorants.

Period Care
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Organic Tampons & Period Care Products

Seventh Generation is committed to helping eliminate the ‘tampon tax’ – a term used to describe the sales tax that is still charged on menstrual products across many states here in the US while less-necessary items are often exempt.

Menstruation is a normal bodily function and access to period care products should be a fundamental right, not a privilege. Eliminating the tampon tax is a first step towards menstrual equity for all.

Beyond the tampon taxes still in place, many states in the US don’t have programs that supply tampons and pads for populations that don’t have access to these essential period care products. The stigma and taboos still surrounding periods make it that much harder to have these important conversations - especially at the policy level.

Seventh Generation believes all women & those who menstruate should have access to green & clean period care options. Our tampons are made of 100% organic cotton and are free & clear of unnecessary fragrances and deodorants. Our pads and pantiliners are hypoallergenic and processed chlorine free. No matter your preference, you’ll have peace of mind with the effective, leak-free protection.