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Bottling Sustainability

Every once in a while, something so different and so right comes along that whatever succeeds it can only hope to keep up. That's what's happened to our new concentrated Laundry Detergent. But while this new super quadruple concentrated formula is definitely shout-worthy, it's not the game-changer I'm talking about.

The big news is its bottle. It's a whole new bottling ball game made from used paper, a material whose reputation for containing messy viscous liquids is paper thin at best. But it totally works and you'll love it at first sight. The first thing you notice is that this doesn't look anything like any other bottle because it's made from some very unbottle-like things -- namely 70% recycled cardboard and 30% recycled newspaper, which is molded into a rigid shape you can grab and pour just like a conventional plastic bottle. Inside this shell is a clever plastic pouch that contains the detergent.

When the bottle's empty, you take off the cap, pop open the shell, and pull out the pouch. Drop all three in your home recycling bin*. Or you could compost the shell. Sweet. Simple. Zero mess. Less waste. And a lot fewer resources consumed because our new bottle, which was developed by our friends at Ecologic Brands, uses 66% less plastic than typical 100 oz 2X detergent bottles and closes the recycling loop tight.

Emptied bottles go through their own unique spin cycle and just get turned into new bottles again and again until their fibers wear out -- up to (approximately) seven more times. Forget all the good stuff inside for a minute. You're doing big things for the environment just by bringing home the new bottle. How awesome is that?

This is the bottle that holds everything we believe in. And you won't believe it when you finally hold it yourself.

Click here for a chat with two members of our R&D and packaging teams who helped create this fantastic new product. And click here for where to buy our new concentrated Laundry Detergent.


*Check for plastic recycling standards in your area.