October 23, 2023

5 Bedroom Spots You May Be Forgetting to Clean

Bedding in background - 5 Places you may be forgetting to clean

With shorter days and more hours indoors, fall is the perfect time to ready your bedroom for cozy season. To help you be thorough, we’ve looked high and low and found 5 common bedroom spots you may be forgetting to clean. 


Spot One: Walls

Walls are easy to overlook as part of your cleaning routine. But walls get dirtier than you think, especially in high touch areas near doorknobs and light switches. And don’t forget those corner cobwebs! Luckily, cleaning walls is easy. Fill your sink or a small bucket with warm water and a dollop of biobased dish soap, then gently scrub your walls, working from top to bottom. To reach those corners, either use a wet mop or a step ladder—just be careful! 


Spot Two: Mattress

The transition into fall and winter is a great time to freshen up your bed. Start by mixing a few drops of your favorite essential oil to some baking soda, then strip the bed and sprinkle it all over your mattress to help neutralize odors. Let sit for 30-60 minutes, then vacuum.  


Spot Three: Windowsills

Take a peek and you’re likely to find that your windowsills are dirty with dust, pollen, and grime from being open all summer. No problem. Using either warm soapy water, or a versatile all-purpose cleaner, scrub until clean using a rag or recycled paper towels. 


Spot Four: Heating Vents

Dust loves to collect in your heating vents, so it’s a good idea to remove all that you can before turning on the heat. Gently dampen a clean microfiber cloth or utility rag and carefully wipe down vent covers. If there’s excess dirt or caked-on dust, scrub with a soft brush and some warm soapy water. Let air dry. If your vacuum comes with a crevice attachment, use it to suck up any visible debris, cobwebs, or dirt that’s accumulated.  


Spot Five: Under the Bed

Another place that dust loves to hang out is under the bed. And while vacuuming is a good start, we recommend following up with our Multi-Surface Cleaner Concentrate, which has a versatile biobased formula that cuts through grease and is safe to use on most floors (but always test in an inconspicuous spot first!).  


Bonus Tip

Our Multi-Surface Cleaner also works great on framed wall art. Use it to scrub away dust and grime. It even works on glass!