April 28, 2014

15 Ways to Use “Baby” Wipes – Other Than on a Baby!

Seventh Generation disinfecting wipes with Teddy bear and plant

There's a box in my car, one in the kitchen, a pack of them in my bathroom, and one with my cleaning supplies. What is this marvelous do-everything product that I can't live without? Baby wipes!

It's been years since there was a baby in the house, but one thing I discovered about the handy little wipe during that time was all the wonderful things they can do other than just clean a dirty bum or wipe a messy face. Here are my favorites:

  1. Remove eye makeup. Gentle enough for baby, gentle enough to help take off your makeup!
  2. Cleaning up inside of my car when I'm stuck in traffic. Why fume when you can multitask! Grab a baby wipe, swipe it across the dash and you're good to go.
  3. Wipe down the leaves of houseplants. An easy way to take off the dust.
  4. Clean bird poop and dead bugs off your windshield. Don't use them to wash the whole window or you'll create a streaky mess, they're super for those hard-to-remove "lumps."
  5. Put some wipes in a baggie and put it in the cooler for use at the beach or on day trips, or just put some in the fridge for those oppressively hot nights.
  6. There's nothing like a baby wipe to remove pencil and crayon from most surfaces (even skin).
  7. Little spots on your kitchen or bathroom floor? Pop a baby wipe onto a floor duster, run it over the messes and watch them disappear.
  8. Static got your hair standing on end (or your dress riding up in an embarrassing way)? A slightly damp baby wipe will tame things in a flash.
  9. Here's one I love: Baby wipes get rid of deodorant marks on dark clothing. [1] [2]
  10. A baby wipe or two can take the fear out of using public bathrooms, shopping carts, restaurant tables and more. Don't leave home without them. However we recommend that you use our disinfecting wipes when possible!
  11. I have a hairy little dog. You may too (or even a less-than-fastidious cat). Baby wipes make short work of "danglers."
  12. Speaking of dogs, use a baby wipe to clean off puppy paws after a walk and before they jump into your nice, clean car.
  13. No time to shower after a workout? A quick swipe here and there with a baby wipe will have you on your way.
  14. Dust and go! I slide baby wipes between the hard-to-dust rungs of chairs, and anywhere else that's a little hard to reach with a conventional dust cloth.
  15. Not much letter writing going on these days, but when you do need to moisten an envelope to seal it, don't lick, wipe with a baby wipe instead.

Another excellent option for quickly tackling messes is our multi-purpose wipes. What uses have you discovered for Seventh Generation's thick baby wipes? We would love to hear how you use baby wipes on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

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[2] https://www.youbeauty.com/fitness/11-easy-ways-to-get-deodorant-marks-off-clothes/