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Ingredient Science script overlaid on Hand and Dish wash bottles

Ingredient Science

Our Products Are Our Mission
That’s why we source renewable ingredients, formulate using the precautionary principle, and list our ingredients right on our packaging.

The ingredients we put into our products matter to us. Our cleaning and laundry products use plant-based cleaning ingredients to get the job done, so you can feel good about using them in your home and around your family.

What We Believe
Plant Based Ingredients
Plant-Based Ingredients
We prefer plant-based ingredients because they’re powerful and renewable.
Scents from Real Ingredients
Scents Made From Real Ingredients
The scents we use are made from real essential oils and botanical ingredients; they smell refreshing—not overpowering.
No Synthetic Fragrances or Dyes
No Synthetic Dyes or Fragrances
We make our products without synthetic fragrances or dyes.
Recycled Packaging - Hand Dish Cap
Recycled Packaging
We develop recyclable packaging from recycled materials - because we care.
Principle of Precaution
Seventh Generation's Principle of Precaution
We consider our products’ entire life cycle, and work to minimize our impact on people and planet.
Ingredient Transparency
Ingredient Transparency #RightToKnow
We print our ingredients right on the package - because you deserve to know.
B-Corp Heart
B Corps set the standard for corporate responsibility. We’re proud to fight for our workers, our communities, and our environment.
Advocacy - Child at Come Clean Rally
We stand up for what we believe, and we use our voice to advocate for what’s right.