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This Is Generation Good

We're All In This Together.

We see so many people who are caring, mindful, and committed to leaving the world a better place than they found it. That shared spirit is Generation Good. It’s not about how old we are or where we live. It’s about making healthy choices that benefit our families—and the collective good. It’s about lifting others up with our stories and our knowledge. It’s the simple belief that we’re all doing our best, and we’re all in this together. And when we share those values with our children and help them take part, we create a legacy of good that keeps growing.

The Bernardez Family


Our kids look to us for so many things, and mother of two Lileanna Bernardez knows that helping her daughters set healthy goals starts with taking good care of herself and living a healthy lifestyle.

The Swiatlowski Family


Parents work so hard to share their values with the next generation, and for Jenny Swiatlowski, nothing beats seeing her son, Onyx, begin to show he cares about protecting the planet.

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Healthy Home

Since becoming a parent, I have really tried to live a healthier lifestyle. I am constantly educating myself so that I can provide a healthier home for my family. I am super proud to now be a part of the Seventh Generation community, Generation Good, and to have joined their "journey to nurture the health of the next seven generations."

Generation Good Community Member
Big or Small

I love this planet and I try to do everything I can, big or small, to help keep the earth clean and sustainable for future generations, my children included!

Melissa L.
Generation Good Community Member
Community Love

I really appreciate being a part of the generation good community! It has been a blessing to my life learning how other moms and dads do things and learning good ways to clean my home. I have been blessed beyond measure and love sharing my thoughts as well as my parenting knowledge with others!

Amanda V.
Generation Good Community Member
Tips and Tricks

I appreciate learning how other mothers do things. This space represents generations of tips and tricks passed down mother to mother for as far back as mothers go. It is such a blessing to be a part of this community.

Heavan R.
Generation Good Community Member
Hopeful and Helpful

We all need help at a variety of times in life. Being that my husband and I are going through IVF, I have found this website to hold a lot of hope.

Amy K.
Generation Good Community Member
Looks Like Something Good
From recycling to carpooling to sharing healthy tips, there’s so many ways to be part of #generationgood. Show others what you do! Tag #generationgood


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