January 9, 2021

Standing for Democracy

Standing for Democracy_ Seventh Generation

This past Wednesday began as a bright day for democracy as we celebrated record voter turnout in Georgia due to incredible organizing efforts, resulting in the election of the first Black and Jewish Senators from the state. Hours later, we witnessed horrific attacks on the US Capitol in an effort to overthrow the results of a free and fair presidential election. 

As we reckon with these violent events and brazen attempts to undermine our democracy, it is evident that we must also face what has led us here – an enduring culture of white supremacy. It is time for us as citizens, businesses and political leaders to all take action to dismantle systemic racism.

While the culture of white supremacy has been embedded in our country since its founding, we recognize that this ideology has fostered and grown over recent years, resulting in the events that transpired this week. Immediate action is needed to truly create a society that is equitable and just for all. To that end:

  • We stand with all the voices calling for the removal or resignation of the President.
  • We condemn the riotous actions of the insurrectionists and call for a peaceful transition of power as well as the prosecution of those who committed and incited these seditious acts.
  • We call on all elected officials to affirm the results of the election and to work to dismantle the systemic racism embedded in our policies and institutions.

We aspire to be an anti-racist organization and commit to continuing to advocate for racial and climate justice. We recognize and celebrate organizations like New Georgia Project, and Georgia STAND UP and their work in leading the way to a more equitable democracy.

Together, let us confront the racist roots of this evil and work to build a brighter and more just future for everyone.

In service of future generations,

Joey Bergstein

CEO, Seventh Generation