December 13, 2011

How2Recycle Labels Make Recycling Easier

How 2 Recycle Labels


Has recycling got you down? Do you find yourself standing in the kitchen with an empty plastic bottle in your hand wondering if you should chuck it in the trash or flip it in the recycling bin?  Take heart, help is on the way! 

You can find a How2Recycle® label on almost all of our Seventh Generation products. This How2Recycle® label  is an on-package label that offers clear instructions on how to recycle that specific product package after use. The program was started by The Sustainable Packaging Coalition as a way for companies to have a standardized recycling label that addresses all components of the package. So how does the system work? Since recycling systems vary significantly across the country, each package or package component is labeled using one of the four categories shown below: 

  • "Widely Recycled" (60% or more of the population has access to recycling the component) 
  • "Check Locally" (20% to 60% of the population has access to recycling it) 
  • "Not Yet Recycled" (less than 20% of the population has access to recycling) 
  • "Store Drop-Off" (plastic bags and films widely recycled at retail locations, like supermarkets) 

How To Recycle Label
Recycle Symbols for plastic

Recycling should be easy to understand. The How2Recycle® label is a good place to start with educating consumers. Using this system to teach your little ones how to read recycling labels and how to properly sort items that need to be disposed of is critical to sustainability. This education is also critical to the prosperity of the next seven generations.


On our bottle products with a cap, you’ll notice directions to re-attach the cap before recycling. Wondering why that is? This is a direction that the recycling industry has adopted as facilities that turn the bottles back into plastic resin have learned how to process the caps as well. Be sure to check out the website referenced on the label, for information on this new recycling system and to learn more about the recycling system in your local area. 


Most of our laundry detergent packaging uses post-consumer recycled plastic. Our paper products also use a substantial amount of post and pre-consumer recycled paper. Using PCR paper & plastic is key to driving demand on PCR and lowering demand on virgin plastic. Seventh Generation is striving to create zero waste products in the next few years. We believe that transforming the consumer-packaged goods industry starts with using PCR in our products and reducing the use of virgin plastics.

You may also see the ‘Store Drop-Off label on products like our dishwasher and laundry detergent packs and pouches. We worked to develop a special type of plastic pouch that can recycled with your plastic grocery bags and film wrap at Store Drop-Of retail locations like your local supermarket. Head to the How2Recycle site for a full list of packaging types you can recycle and find a Store Drop-Off location near you.