October 16, 2023

How to Make Your Halloween More Sustainable

wheelbarrow of pumpkins

Costumes…cobwebs…candy!! For many of us, Halloween is one of the calendar’s most exciting days of the year, packed with spooky decor, creative costumes, and plenty of indulgent treats. But Halloween can be expensive, and thanks to an abundance of single-use decorations and costumes, very wasteful. This year, lose the waste and keep all the fun with our top 5 tips on how to make your Halloween more sustainable.


Tip One: Hit the Thrift Store

From party hats to vampire masks and broomsticks, your local thrift store is a treasure trove of Halloween-ready clothing and décor. Go shopping with an open mind. Bring your kids along and get inspired together. It’s amazing what you can find. Even better, you’ll reduce waste, save money, and support a local business in the process.

Bonus tip: Keep an eye out for lightly-used pillowcases for candy-collecting.


Tip Two: Crowd Source

If you or your child has a particular costume or character in mind for Halloween dress-up, consider crowd sourcing before you spend money at the party store. Start by posting a message on a local community forum. Offer to swap or trade one of your old costumes to sweeten the deal. You’ll be surprised by what other families have lying around and are excited to upcycle or loan.


Tip Three: Party Like You Love the Planet

If you’re throwing a Halloween party, cut down on waste by avoiding disposable cutlery, cups, and plates. Either use your own, or have guests come equipped and have a mismatched spooky soiree. Invite friends and neighbors to do the same. Just imagine all the waste saved if every house in your neighborhood made the switch to reusable supplies!


Tip Four: Get the Most Out of Your Pumpkins

Start by visiting a local pumpkin patch to stock up for Jack o’ Lanterns—or buying pumpkins from local growers. When carving your masterpieces, save and roast the seeds for a tasty, healthy snack. You can even peel your pumpkin and use the fruit for pumpkin muffins, pie, or soup.


Tip Five: Decorate with Seasonal Décor

Rather than purchasing single-use decorations that will just end up in the landfill, decorate with seasonal décor. Corn stalks, pumpkins, gourds, and squash are all plentiful during the fall and can be used as-is or decorated and dressed up. Even better, they can be composted after the holiday!


Bonus Tip - Reuse: While it’s tempting to simply fill a garbage bag with all your Halloween odds and ends, setting your decorations and costumes aside for next year not only reduces waste—it’ll make life easier when you pull them out next season!


We hope these tips help make this the best—and most sustainable—Halloween ever.