June 23, 2021

How to Clean a Shower

Person standing in shower
How to Clean a Shower
There’s almost nothing better than a nice, hot shower. Except when your shower is dirty.


Because, let’s face it, it’s hard to feel clean, or polish up your karaoke routine when you’ve got mold and mildew giving you the stink eye. Since showers get used every day, it’s important to stay on top of things and keep your shower sparkly. We’ve put together some easy-to-follow tips that will teach you how to clean a shower—and keep it that way.


Clean Your Shower Often

The best way to avoid the buildup of unwanted soap scum, mildew, and grime is regular cleaning. We recommend cleaning your shower once a week; however, if you practice good preventative maintenance and “clean up” your shower cleaning routine, you might be able to push it to once every two weeks. But in general, more cleaning = more clean. Go figure.

Get a Squeegee

All those water droplets that hang out in your shower after bathing can cause mold and mildew to grow. Limiting residual moisture after you shower helps. Invest in a rubber squeegee and hang it in the shower for easy use. It will become your new best friend, we promise. After each shower, squeegee the walls and doors to get all that excess water down the drain. It’s surprisingly satisfying.  


Keep the Fan On

Another way to limit moisture build up and mold growth is to use your bathroom fan more often. Run the fan while you shower, then leave it on for at least ten minutes after you finish. This will encourage faster drying of shower surfaces, towels, sponges, and toys.


Tub and Tile Cleaner for the Win

A plant-based Tub and Tile Cleaner goes right to work on soap scum. This Tub & Tile Cleaner is a USDA Certified Biobased Product 91%. For anytime cleaning, simply spray the cleaner all over the tub and scrub with a soft bristle brush or utility rag. For tougher shower stains, let the cleaner sit on the surface for several minutes. Then scrub clean and rinse with warm water.

Old Toothbrushes are a Tile’s Best Friend

A helpful hack for ceramic tile showers is to repurpose old toothbrushes as cleaning tools. A toothbrush’s flexible bristles are the perfect shape for getting in between your ceramic tiles, so you clean stains from mildew and soap scum. Before scrubbing, spray on your favorite Tub and Tile Cleaner, or distilled white vinegar. If the smell is too strong, feel free to dilute your vinegar in a 1:1 solution with water. White vinegar is safe on most bathroom surfaces, such as ceramic tile and fiberglass. It’s not good for marble, though. No matter your choice in cleaner, we recommend checking for surface compatibility in a small inconspicuous spot first, before cleaning the entire surface.


Use Baking Soda for Shower Floors

Thanks to its naturally abrasive texture, baking soda works wonders for cleaning your shower floor. It’s especially effective in fiberglass showers, whose floors are often lightly textured and take a little extra scrubbing to get clean. You can shake baking soda right onto the floor, then scrub with a brush, toothbrush, or rag. Rinse with hot water.


Wash Your Shower Curtain and Liner

Though you’ll want to check the manufacturer’s instructions first, most shower curtains and shower liners are machine washable. Plastic shower curtain liners are mildew magnets and should be washed regularly, or replaced when needed. If you want to splurge, try investing in a mildew resistant shower curtain liner, which lasts longer and helps discourage build up.

Soak Your Shower Head in White Vinegar

When’s the last time you cleaned your shower head? Never, right? Here’s a quick hack to get rid of mineral and lime build up. Fill a gallon-sized plastic bag three quarters full with white vinegar, then tie it around your shower head, making sure the head is submerged. Allow it to soak for several hours, or overnight. Then, run the water to release any build up and voila. You may even enjoy increased water pressure.

And there you have it folks, you officially know how to clean a shower. Practice these useful tips regularly to make every shower as refreshing, and clean, as can be.

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