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Water Coming Out of Shower Head
with Sue H

Saturday morning is here and the shower needs cleaning. My tools are an old toothbrush, a non-abrasive scrubber and microfiber cloth, and Seventh Generation's Tub & Tile Cleaner. Before I worked for Seventh Generation I used conventional products, and I would wear a mask when I cleaned the shower to protect myself from the fumes. Now I can breathe freely while cleaning!

I like to clean the shower when it is wet. First, using a toothbrush, I clean all the crevices -- where the walls fit together and  between the tiles. This loosens up any soap scum that has settled. Then I lightly spray the Tub & Tile Cleaner on the walls, starting at the top and the back of the shower, away from the shower head. Using the cloth, just wipe the walls downward. All shower residues (scum) wipe away and the wall is shiny. Next, I wash both top and undersides of the side shelves, and rinse the toiletry items that are stored on these shelves. Soap scum doesn't care what it sticks to! Before I start the tub, I wipe off the fixtures. Be sure to read the directions that came with your fixtures to determine if you need to use special care in their cleaning.

Once all the upper parts of the shower are clean, I spray the bathtub with the Tub & Tile Cleaner. I let it sit for a minute and then use the scrubber on the sides of the tub and along the non-slip surface of the floor of the tub. Take special care of the edges that slope to the floor; this is where most of the residue collects.  The floor of this tub is non-skid and the scrubber comes in handy for cleaning the textured surface. Now, it's time to rinse.  If you like a shiny shower and tub, wipe down with a dry cloth.

What tips do you have for cleaning your shower?


photo: uzi978

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Sue works at Seventh Generation.