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A New Life for Laundry Caps

Author: Seventh Generation

From our ingredients to our packaging, Seventh Generation is always looking for new ways to reduce our environmental impact. We applaud Preserve's "Gimme 5" program, allowing customers to recycle #5 plastic where they shop.

Seventh Generation's Packaging Pete says, "The Gimme 5 program helps us close the loop on our #5 plastic, making it easy for our customers to recycle their laundry caps so in turn we can create more sustainable packaging for the products they love."

Polypropylene plastic, or #5, is the material of choice for bottle caps, spray bottle heads, and baby wipe tubs due to its versatility and flexibility. As well, it can be easily recycled and turned into new products.

Consumers can now recycle their #5 plastic in the "Gimme 5" recycling bins in Whole Foods Markets and other natural food stores across the country. Clean, used Seventh Generation bottle caps, spray bottle heads, and baby wipe tubs can be placed in the nearest bin. Preserve will turn these used packages into new #5 plastic, allowing us to create new post-consumer packaging. For more information on Preserve's "Gimme 5" program, visit: www.preserveproducts.com.


alaframboise picture
I stand corrected.. our general recycling program takes #5 items that is why we do not require specific drop off locations. Vermont, I love you once more!
alaframboise picture
Wouldn't it be nice if there was a recycling point in the state of Vermont? I would think if Seventh Generation has a head office based in Burlington, Vermont that we would be able to bring the #5 recyclables to either their headquarters, City Market or Healthy Living? I love the idea and would jump on board if there was an easy location to bring the items to. Come on Vermont.. get on board!
sandrine picture
Newport News Virginia has been recycling #5's for at least a year! Doing our part for the planet. Best is to buy larger sizes and reuse whenever possible. Wish Seventh Generation made larger sizes in dish liquid and large refill bottles for spray cleaning products. Otherwise I am very happy with all the products including laundry detergent that I use in my new front loader that saves on water too!
ricki11 picture
Why can't lids be made of #1 or #2 plastic, which is more accepted?
Sally picture
From their website: We can only accept lids, caps and other items if they’re stamped with a #5 recycling symbol.
Stinee picture
I never see a recycling symbol on my laundry caps...can I assume they're all #5?
xmas711 picture
I've been shelling out the money to ship back my number 5's (as well as the ones I collect from my friends) for quite some time. This gets expensive and I am desperate to start seeing Gimme 5 bins in my area. Preserve, please start spreading your program to more areas, especially upstate NY!!
pattiericia picture
They accept ALL #5 plastic. Its so fantastic because my town only accepts #1 and 2. When you go on their website you can see all the products they make out of recycled #5 plastic. My family uses their toothbrush subscriptions, every three months we get a new toothbrush made of recycled plastic and they send a prepaid pouch to mail the old ones back for recycling. I found this program a couple of months ago and I set up a cardboard box in my house for all clean # 5 plastic and I mail it or bring it down to Whole Foods when ever the box gets full. Plus I ordered some of their recycled #5 tupperware type containers and fell in love.
ally_sun7 picture
But will they only accept Seventh Generation brand #5 caps?