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After 25 years of innovation, we've learned a thing or two from plants: they can clean up our world while being kind to our families, Seventh Generation plant-based products get the job done. Without the iffy stuff.

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Reduce Chemicals of Concern in the Environment

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Holiday Gift Crafts Your 4-Year-Old Will Enjoy Making

I can’t be the only one feeling a bit blindsided by the holidays this year: The late Thanksgiving meant a ridiculously short season. (My family cele.... Read more


Fill your home with holiday scents by using an herb bundle! Visit the Seventh Generation blog today for full details.


The holidays can get messy! Santa's little helpers have got your back.


Hot chocolate with a kick! Our #vegan take on the beloved cold-weather drink features a hint of cayenne pepper. Head to our blog this morning for the recipe!


Made with fresh ginger and sweet molasses, these gingerbread cookies won't last long! This Recipe We Love is on our blog today.

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May your days (and laundry!) be merry & bright this holiday season.


Few things beat the smell of pine and hot cider during the holidays. When do the decorations go up in your house?

Seventh Generation: 40 Weeks webisode by Big Belli, LLC


Holiday Scent Herb Bundle

Herb bundles are a great natural way to fill your house with holiday scents. The herbs dry as they hang, allowing the smells to continue throughout th.... Read more