Safe + Effective for your Home + Family

You deserve products that are safe and effective not only for your home and family, but designed with the planet and future generations in mind. That's why we’ve spent over 25 years formulating plant-based products that work.

three cheers for plant power!

Our plant-based products are super effective without being harsh.

Dish Liquid

I've tried many soaps and some work better than others. Some smell good and some are just horrible smelling. This is the best of all worlds. It smells great. It works like a dream. Thank you!


Glass & Surface Natural Cleaner

This cleaner works very well on bathrooms and kitchens alike without the overpowering fragrance or fumes that most other cleaners leave behind. Leaves my shiny surfaces streak free and removes kitchen grime very well.


Natural 4X Concentrated Laundry Detergent

Works hard, smells great. I made the switch a few months ago, and am very impressed with its performance. I also fell in love with it's soft, earthy-floral scent, so I can never go back to fake, overpowering detergent smells ever again.


We stack up to conventional brands! Third party lab tested and verified.