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After 25 years of innovation, we've learned a thing or two from plants: they can clean up our world while being kind to our families, Seventh Generation plant-based products get the job done. Without the iffy stuff.

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Reduce Chemicals of Concern in the Environment

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Beating the Heat (and the Hot Air)

Severe, pervasive, and irreversible. Those are three words you definitely do not want to hear said in relation to global warming. But that’s how the.... Read more


Another prize pack winner from our #touchofclothdiapers giveaway! Congrats to @realsomemommy - a package of goodies is heading your way!


Make your home smell like the holidays - naturally! Head to our blog today for our favorite fall simmer pot recipe.


We've seen so many adorable baby and bump photos during our #touchofclothdiapers sample giveaway! So, we've decided to give out some extra goodies. Congrats to our first winner, @viamarie11!


With scents like Fresh Citrus & Ginger, you may just look for an extra dirty dish or two.

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Mondays aren't so bad when kittens are involved! Today at @hsccvt we cleaned cages, organized, helped with laundry - and obsessed over little faces like this.


Our bathroom tissue is made from 100% recycled paper - because trees look so much nicer in the ground. (Or in @highbrowhippie's case, in a seriously gorgeous planter!)

Seventh Generation Diapers: Touch of Cloth


Tips for Handling a Newborn Baby

Whether you're a new parent, or a proud aunt or uncle, it can be intimidating to hold a tiny, fragile bundle of baby - especially if you haven’.... Read more