Seventh Generation Applauds Jessica Alba and the Safe Chemicals Act

Mom, activist, and actress Jessica Alba is speaking out in support of the Safe Chemicals Act. Seventh Generation applauds her courage in taking a stand and we encourage moms everywhere to join her in support tomorrow, Thursday, November 17th, when the Senate Environment Committee will hold a hearing on the Safe Chemicals Act, which calls for updating the antiquated 34-year-old Toxic Substance Control Act, which regulates the use of chemicals in consumer products that range from children's toys to spray cleaners. Jessica makes a strong case for action in her blog on the Huffington Post.

The good news is there appears to be a consensus developing among Democrats and Republicans that the time has come to bring U.S. chemicals policy more in line with stricter rules in Europe and other parts of the world. Today, the more than 86,000 chemicals that are used in consumer products are assumed to be innocent until proven guilty -- that's how we wind up with BPA in baby bottles and canned foods. Seventh Generation looks at chemicals differently. We use the Precautionary Principle, which says we won't use an ingredient in our products until we are sure it is safe.

Join Jessica Alba and take action right now by sending your Senator a message to support the Safe Chemicals Act.

photo: Safer Chemicals Healthy Families