Diapering Confession

Even before having children, I loved the idea of cloth diapering. Particularly the whole not-adding-more-trash-and-chemicals-to-landfills idea. I vowed to use cloth diapers for my future children to help the planet by not generating unnecessary garbage. When the time eventually came and I was expecting, I boned up on my cloth diaper knowledge, stocked up on the materials, and waited for the baby.

Well, now he’s here. And I have to admit, while I love cloth diapering and feel great about my effort to help the environment, I must fall back on disposables from time to time. When traveling, for example. In the airport, with so many bags to lug and security checkpoints to pass through and TSA agents barking directions at me—all while trying to maneuver a baby—the last thing I want to do is keep track of dirty cloth diapers. And really, you can’t use cloth diapers when away from home if you won’t have access to a washing machine.

I feel a little guilty when using disposables, but it’s just necessary sometimes. And really, using Seventh Generation disposables makes me feel better during those times. They were recently redesigned to have a lighter-weight core that includes sustainably harvested wood pulp. And, of course, it doesn’t hurt that the diapers are Free & Clear: there’s no chlorine-processing, fragrances, latex, or petroleum-based lotions.

Knowing that the Seventh Generation diapers were designed with the environment (and babies!) in mind makes the decision of when to skip the cloth diapers much easier. And really, as a mom, I have plenty of other decisions to make every day!

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