We've learned a lot over the past 25 years, and some of our greatest teachers have been plants.


We formulate using the precautionary principle: if an ingredient has a suspected risk of causing harm to the public or to the environment, we don't use it.


Three cheers for plant power! Our products, made with plant-based ingredients, are super effective yet designed to be gentle.


Green chemistry is more than innovative. It can truly help clean up and protect our world.

Meet Kay, mom of 3 and our Product Research Supervisor. She'll walk you through the tests we run on diapers to make sure they work to keep your baby dry and cozy. She promises to keep your baby entertained as you watch, too!


3rd Party Tested

Our Natural Dish Liquid is put to the test using a standardized method, done at an independent third party lab, that we call "plate count".

What does this mean?

Well, the lab actually takes a consistent measure of dish liquid, a bunch of dirty dishes, and they start washing! Of course, the dishes are dirtied in the same way, the water is always the same temperature, and they have a specific way that they actually wash the plates. Doing everything just so, they see how many dirty plates tat amount of dish liquid actually cleans before the suds go away. The more plates you clean, the better!

Seventh Generation dish liquid is a 95% USDA certified biobased formula, meaning 95% of our ingredients come from plants. Other dish liquids may contain only 25% plant derived ingredients. That means 75% of the other ingredients come from petroleum or synthetic based ingredients.

3rd Party Tested

Our Laundry detergents are sent to an independent third party lab to undergo testing using a standardized study.

What is this standardized study?

Basically, they stain pieces of fabric with common "messes", such as sweat, juice, oil, make-up, chocolate, milk, and wine. Next, a machine that measures colors, called a colorimeter, is used to determine the intensity of the stain. Then, the lab washes them through a controlled wash and dry cycle. After, the fabric is measured again by the colorimeter to determine how much stain was removed in the wash. Based on this, the total soil removal score is calculated. With these scores we can compare our cleaning effectiveness to our competitors and see how we stack up. That's how we KNOW we work!

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