Empowering Women Through Micro Credit

Whole Planet FoundationSeventh Generation, in alliance with the Whole Planet Foundation and Grameen Bank America, funds microcredit loan programs abroad and in the United States. The loans, made to women, are aimed at helping alleviate poverty through entrepreneurship.

Whole Planet Foundation has authorized funds to provide microcredit to 2,300 individuals in New York City over three years. Each loan, of approximately $2,000, helps women create or expand small home-based businesses and lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

The loans are creating a myriad of businesses: flower shops, hair salons, street restaurants, house cleaning services. Most of the loan recipients are single parents who have no other means of livelihood. What they have is an abundance of energy, drive, and ambition. Whole Planet Foundation and Grameen provide the seed money necessary to help women realize their dreams.

I recently visited some of the women in New York who have received the loans, including Gloria V, who used her loan to open a flower shop on a busy corner in Queens. Her business has been very successful, and she is current on her loan payment schedule. The pride of ownership was evident on Gloria's face as she spoke to us about being an entrepreneur.

We encourage you to donate to the Whole Planet Foundation, to support its Prosperity Campaign. Click here for details.

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