Tips from Sue: Cleaning Up After Pets

Seventh Generation All Purpose Cleaner(ED: Sue H. leads Seventh Generation's Consumer Advocate's team, and is a great resource for tips on natural cleaning.) If pets are a part of your Planet Home, your regular cleaning routine probably involves removing animal hair -- lots of it. After years of trial and error, I have hit on a great method: Lightly spray a cloth or fabric brush with any of our spray cleaners. (My personal favorite is our Shower Cleaner, which has a great fresh scent.) With cloth or brush in hand, you can use our cleaners on furniture, stairs, pillows, and other places your pets frequent. This technique can also remove the scent of an animal no longer in the home. My white cat loved to sleep on my purple wool coat, and this method was the only thing that kept the coat purple. Protect Planet Home with Seventh Generation products!