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Seventh Generation Foundation 2014 – Sustainability Program

Here at Seventh Generation we’re committed to caring for the next seven generations, and we support other organizations who do the same! That’s why we created the Seventh Generation Foundation in 2012 – to help fund non-profit organizations that promote and improve environmental conservation, the sustainable use of natural resources, and human health and social welfare.

Our Foundation conducts two separate programs: the Sustainability Grantmaking Program and the Community Grantmaking Program. The Sustainability Program focuses on US-based organizations that work to bring about positive change and sustainable solutions by helping us achieve the aspirations we have as a business – with a priority on enhancing health of homes and schools.

This year we partnered with seven organizations that we feel are making great strides through legislative reform, scientific research, and consumer awareness. Read on for a short bio on each of these inspirational non-profits.

Organization: Breast Cancer Fund

Program: Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

Summary: The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics will keep the pressure on the retail sector to eliminate the use of toxic chemicals from personal care products such as soaps, lotions, lipsticks, mascaras and shampoos. The Campaign is working with Target to develop a storewide cosmetics safety standard, as well as a list of unsafe chemicals for retailers to integrate into their storewide policies.  Educating and engaging the public as well as policymakers is another major piece of the campaign.

Organization: Women’s Voices for the Earth

Program: Safe Cleaning Products Initiative

Summary: The Initiative raises public awareness about the link between toxic chemicals in cleaning products and public health, while urging and requiring major manufacturers to fully disclose ingredients, and remove the harmful chemicals from their products. Their ultimate goal is to change the cleaning product industry and ensure safe products for women and their families.

Organization: Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families

Program: Protecting pregnant women and children from unregulated toxic chemicals

Summary: SCHF educates the public about the need for reform of the Toxic Substances Control Act. Their campaign will involve extensive public education, and highlight the impacts of unregulated toxic chemicals on human health and the environment. 

Organization: Planned Parenthood

Program: VT Environmental Health Program

Summary: Planned Parenthood of Northern New England helps to ensure successful implementation of Vermont's Toxic-Free Families Act through raising public awareness of toxic chemicals in consumer products, increasing support for effective regulation of toxic chemicals, and reducing exposure to harmful toxins. They work to protect the health of Vermont children, women and families.

Organization: Informed Green Solutions

Program: Safe Products for Vermont Early Care and Education Programs 

Summary: IGS seeks to build consumer awareness of safer cleaning products and methods by educating early care/education employees on the hazards of chemicals found in conventional cleaning products (as well as other products that pose a threat to indoor air quality). IGS provides technical assistance to childcare programs and works with policy makers to implement regulations that will push the use of safer products.

Organization: Clean Production Action

Program: Engaging Businesses in TSCA Reform

Summary: The goal of this project is to engage at least five new multinational corporations in public support of the Toxic Substances Control Act reform. The program will recruit business leaders and assign them a section of the TSCA reform to support exclusively. Participants will develop talking points, submit comments on bills, and meet with influential legislative leaders to inform them on effective elimination of toxic chemicals.

Organization: American Sustainable Business Council

Program: Companies for Safer Chemicals

Summary: This campaign mobilizes businesses to support meaningful chemical policy reform. Their goal is to provide businesses with a voice, presence and power to contribute to the debate on chemicals. In this way they will bring power to the movement for comprehensive chemical policy reform.