Thank You From Our Friends at the Breast Cancer Fund

One of Seventh Generation's partners is the Breast Cancer Fund, whose mission is to reduce the risk of breast cancer by eliminating environmental toxins from our daily lives (1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the US). We would like to excerpt a letter we received from them:

This past year, we achieved remarkable successes:

  • We made a groundbreaking contribution to the science on BPA when we published a study documenting that food packaging is a major source of human exposure to the chemical.
  • We launched our Cans Not Cancer campaign, challenging the $80-billion canned food industry to stop using BPA in can linings. And we released two media-grabbing reports documenting BPA levels in canned foods.
  • Our Campaign for Safe Cosmetics secured a commitment from Johnson & Johnson to remove cancer-causing chemicals from its baby products. We also pushed for legislation to ensure that cosmetics are free of toxic chemicals.
  • We built support for the Safe Chemicals Act, which will protect people and the environment from toxic industrial chemicals.
  • We inspired tens of thousands to move beyond awareness and to action to protect themselves and their families from environmental breast cancer risks.

We are proud to be part of the incredibly important work they do.