My Green Heroine

Green HeroineIt's admirable when someone lives their values. But when it comes to green living, what I admire most is a person who lives their values and looks good doing it. That's why I loved Imani from the moment I met her. Earthiness is cool and all, but someone who rocks organic cotton with style? Well, now you've got my attention. I first met Imani when she was barely out of college in 2002. These days, as a new mom, the girl continues to impress me. It's not just that she birthed a beautiful, healthy -- and, at nearly nine pounds, very large -- baby boy, her first child, in four hours with no drugs. And I'm over the fact that this leggy, sylphlike kid was back to her leggy, sylphlike self in just under eight weeks. What really blows me away is her dogged commitment to staying green. Somewhere between late-night feedings, projectile spit-up, and throbbing episiotomy stitches, my girl finds the energy and inclination to mother the earth as lovingly and as intensely as she nurtures her new son. For example, she wanted only cloth diapers to touch his little bum. But, despite her best efforts, Imani says she was unable to find a delivery company that served her neighborhood. She gave in to disposables, turning to Seventh Generation. For Imani, like most new moms, the important consideration was not just protecting the planet in a global sense, but protecting planet home. She appreciates that her earth-friendly choice in bum coverage is hypo-allergenic and free of chlorine. Still, there were some green beliefs where she refused to cave. Instead of ditching the soiled stuff, Imani has created an adventuresome afterlife for them. A bit sheepishly, she admits that she puts pee-only diapers to use as mop-like housekeeping helpers. "I swear you would not believe the way they pick up dust," she says. (Please note that Imani doesn't use the pee-stained side of the diaper.) It goes without saying that Imani's laundry detergent is biodegradable and free of phosphates, fragrance, and toxins. Ditto for the family's dishwashing and hand soap and other household cleaners. Imani is my green hero(ine.) Do you have any green heroes or heroines to share with the Seventh Generation Nation? photo: Sam Lavi