Little Changes Make a Massive Difference

I recently picked up a book by Kristi Marsh titled, Little Changes: Tales of A Reluctant Home Eco-Momics Pioneer. The story it contains will resonate with Moms and Dads who make choices every day for their children.

Kristi was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer at the age of thirty six. After undergoing a mastectomy she became a "chemo-warrior" and took on the world. As a mother of three small children, she decided that after her healing process she was going to make educated decisions about every product that she and her children consumed or used. This book sets out to show us all that "little changes" are possible in learning to live a more sustainable, holistic lifestyle. It is not intended to be a manifesto - it helps one think about the chemicals that may be hiding in can linings, the lead and phalates that lurk in our makeup, the hormones in the dairy products we reach for everyday. Kristi empowers the reader to pressure companies to remove toxic chemicals from their products and to think about the health of their consumers. In Kristi's world, it is the "little changes" that will multiply to make massive change.

"They are more aware as children than I was for most of my adult life,” she says of her children. “ I am preparing them to challenge the status quo; I am helping to shape the parents they will become… the children who will become our scientists, engineers, and farmers. They are always watching and learning from us; if it is important to us today, it will be important to them tomorrow. The key is JUST TO START."

Pick up a copy and pass it on!