How To Have A Successful Home Spa Day

Treat yourself. I know it sounds farfetched—unheard of, even—but with a bit of planning and preparation, in just one day, you can experience Tahitian beach level relaxation in your own home.

Relaxation is about more than kicking back; it's about taking the time to treat yourself. In the case of a home spa day, it's about feeling calm, fresh and revitalized. And it’s about capturing these feelings with natural products and treatments in a way that also pampers you, your living home and our Earth.

The plan:

Grab a red marker and draw a big X on your calendar. This marks the spot, your spa day; you'll schedule no appointments, answer no doorbells, change no diapers (because your little ones will be with a friend or family member), and cook no food, unless you want to include cooking in your spa day activities. What will you eat, you ask?

Choose your menu based on the foods that you enjoy eating that also make you feel physically well. Love maple oats and bananas for sweet morning energy? Stock up and have the bowl and spoon ready the night before. An afternoon snack could include a light cucumber salad and yogurt. Think "wellness" while you plan your menu and you can't go wrong.

Select your treatments. Countless treatments are viable for home spa days, but a cluttered schedule isn’t, so overbooking isn’t recommended. Selecting four or five treatments that focus on the body parts you feel deserve the most attention is ideal. Some suggestions? A foot soak, scrub and self foot massage; a steam facial with essential oils; a face mask made with natural ingredients like honey and yogurt; a hair treatment of olive oil, egg whites and banana; and a bath with Chamomile Bar Soap or Body Wash (or both!), followed by Chamomile Body Lotion for the softness factor. See our Pinterest board about Natural Beauty to find out how to make home treatments in a snap.

Because you already have your treatments planned, gathering your materials should be a breeze.  A scent-themed spa day can be great for achieving the type of relaxation your body and mind call for. If lavender calms you and you're particularly looking for stress relief, start there. Chamomile evokes soothing, whole-body relaxation, so we've chosen it as our perfect spa day scent. Set your materials out the night before your day, along with clean, fluffy towels and washcloths to make transitions as comfortable as possible.

Clean your home. Stressing out over a spa day is counterproductive, so a top-to-bottom scrub down isn't necessary for you to enjoy your day. Still, relaxation does require a clean mind, and yours will be free to roam if there are no pressing tasks at hand. Plus, feeling clean and actually being clean seem to go well together.

The day:

If all the steps in "the plan" have gone well, chances are you won't need much instruction for the day. Indulge in your menu, breathe in your chamomile calmness, and let down your hair. It's go time. It's your time. 


Photo: Intercontinental