Give Your Food a (Clean) Hand

Last week, I went to a friend's for dinner. We chatted as she began cooking, and she mentioned how she goes out of her way to buy organic and all-natural foods because she believes you can really taste a difference.

"Also," she added, "there are enough chemicals in the world. I don't need extra in my food." And then she washed her hands. With a toxins-laden, artificially scented, fluorescent-colored hand soap.

Strange, right? You would think that someone who spends a considerable amount of money on organic and natural foods would handle them in an organic way. I had to ask about it. “Why don't you use a hand soap made with natural ingredients?” She paused for a moment. "You know," she finally answered, "I never thought about it! This is the soap I've always used. . . it never occurred to me that it wasn't natural. I guess it kind of defeats the point of the organic foods if my hands are covered in chemicals, huh?"

I nodded a lot, then added that she should consider a natural handwash even if she was handling conventional produce and meats. She asked me which hand soap I use, and I told her that I recently bought a bottle of unscented Seventh Generation hand soap. I told her I loved it not only because of its ingredients, but because it lacks an overwhelming flowery or fruity smell (for those who prefer scented products, Seventh Generation makes botanical scented citrus and lavender versions). Maybe I'll get her a bottle for her holiday dinner, so her all-natural, antibiotic-free, free-range turkey stays as pristine as possible.

What cleaning products do you use when you prepare organic or conventional foods?

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