Celebrating 20 Years of Breast Cancer Prevention

For years I have been keeping a list of the women I come across in life whom I consider personal heroes. They come from all walks of life and have guided and mentored me in my journey to become a responsible member of my community.

One such hero is a woman named Jeanne Rizzo. Jeanne, a nurse and environmental health advocate, took over the directorship of the Breast Cancer Fund in 2002 after the organization's founder, breast cancer survivor Andrea Martin, was diagnosed with a brain tumor that led to her death the following year.

Under Jeanne's leadership, the Breast Cancer Fund, which focuses on the elimination of environmental factors linked to breast cancer, has become one of the leading advocates in the fight against cancer.

At a time when mainstream science and cancer communities offered little guidance on the the ways in which environmental factors can contribute to breast cancer, the Breast Cancer Fund began to investigate the links between toxic chemicals and the disease.

For the past twenty years, the Breast Cancer Fund has been:

  • Tracking the science connecting breast cancer to environmental exposures
  • Educating the public about those links
  • Influencing the national research agenda so that it includes prevention
  • Turning science into action – from influencing personal choices, to affecting shifts in corporate practices, to supporting laws that protect the health of all Americans

It used to be considered radical to talk about preventing breast cancer. Thanks to the Breast Cancer Fund, that's not the case anymore. In honor of Mother's Day and the women you love, please consider making a gift to the Breast Cancer Fund.