Safer chemicals means less worrying about your family. The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) was passed in 1976 and has never been updated. You might assume that the chemicals used to make products sold in the U.S., like toys and food containers, are regulated and tested for safety — but they are not.

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Stand up for our kids:

Get toxic chemicals out of our homes!

Every day, parents are unknowingly exposing their families to products that contain untested and potential hazardous chemicals. The time is now to demand that our legislators make meaningful reforms to the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA).

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Our government is allowing companies to poison our children, our pets and our planet. We believe we must find a way to stop this tragedy and do so without further harm to animals. For 25+ years we've created products and tested formulations without harming animals.

John Replogle, CEO

Our Partners

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A coalition of diverse groups united by their common concern about toxic chemicals in our homes, places of work, and products we use every day.

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A national organization working to eliminate toxic chemicals that harm women's health by changing consumer behaviors, corporate practices and government policies.

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The Breast Cancer Fund works to connect the dots between breast cancer and exposures to chemicals and radiation in our everyday environments.

Join a community supporting bright & safe solutions for raising healthy kids.