Our community reminds us what we're here for. All of us at Seventh Generation dedicate our time to volunteering and taking action on initiatives that matter most.

More than 2,400 community volunteer hours every year!

At Seventh Generation, each employee is asked to complete the equivalent of 1% of their time, or 20 hours - with a yearly goal of 2,400 volunteer hours total. Connecting with our greater community is at the core of what we stand for. The volunteerism program here at SVG fulfills our commitment to the communities we live in by dedicating our time as employees to create a connection beyond the walls of our office.

Lake Champlain not only serves as a reminder of why we work so hard to protect our natural resources, it also offers the most amazing playground for us when we need a break from our busy days. Lake life is the best life!

- Chris L.

(4 years at Seventh Generation)

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Working for Seventh Generation means you're more than an employee - you're part of the community! We strive to create a healthy and vibrant workplace where respect, a balanced lifestyle, and honest, open communication are fostered. We also welcome not only our community members, but their families (and dogs!) in our Gold-level LEED-certified workplace.

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