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In the unfolding world of environmental health, my place is in front of women. Learning how to bring safer, kinder products into my home was the springboard to helping other women who are eager to know what I've learned. Keynotes, lectures, conferences... the bigger the stage the better! I thrive on the high energy and mind-snapping feminine electricity that fills a room when I speak.

Most rewarding to me is to be part of bubbling, infectious, spirited discussions. I've found, at almost every event, some determined, fearless soul will stand up and ask a question others are wrestling with silently: "HOW do I get my husband on board? He just doesn't understand," or "My husband thinks it's too expensive," or "He just doesn't care," or "He won't change his ways."

I look across the room and witness the sisterhood of hearts go out to her, and then their eyes move to me for the magical marital solution. I tilt my head, sympathetically, smile with an "Oh Honey" look and half-jokingly respond; "Someone else is going to have to write that book."

Admittedly, my book, Little Changes, was written in a woman's voice, about a woman's journey, revealing my typically female emotions. Yet, since writing it, I've been around many wise women, had deep conversations and have collected some husband-tested tools I recommend to encourage a merging of Venus and Mars.

Here are a collection of ideas that just might add that eco-spark to your partnership as you create a healthier and safer home for the whole family.

My hubby applauds my quest for genuine food. Maybe it's because my cooking has dramatically improved by using fresh foods and simpler flavors. He has weaned our lawn of its drug addiction, and befriended our backyard chickens. But if you look inside our bathroom cupboards, there is a hairspray, and a few other products, I would be embarrassed for you to see on my quest for perfectionism. In spite of them, my impact has been remarkable on my own body, mind and spirit and on my children. Just like you.

Here are recommended discussion starter titles:

Exposed by Mark Schapiro
The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan
The New American Diet by Stephen Perrine
Food Matters by Mark Bittman

If you are looking for money saving ideas, try this kind DIY weed killer recipe.

So, what have you witnessed in your relationships? What has been a topic, tool, or to-do that became the trigger for your spouse? Or is there just one thing that you would LOVE to see him change out?

Enjoy the journey,


Author: Kristi Marsh

Kristi Marsh is the founder and force behind Choose Wiser and a passionate speaker. Born and raised as a mainstream Pacific Coast soul, she now advocates for women's eco-health while raising her children in New England. Kristi delivers bite size doable changes for Everyday-Me's, creating healthier homes and bodies one little change at a time.