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SW Basics and Seventh Generation Cleaning Products

Spring cleaning can be more than just tackling dirt and grime – it's also a great opportunity to take inventory of the products you're using throughout your home, and to get rid of the ones that aren't making the cut. After you deep clean your bathroom, take a minute to deep clean your beauty routine! 

Reducing clutter is the best start to getting organized. Let's start with the bathroom: 

• Take it all out: Before you clean, start by removing all of the items in your bathroom. Wash the bath mats and towels. Set aside soaps, shampoos, and body washes. Remove all items you have hidden under the sink. Now that you've got everything in view, set aside items you no longer use or are past their expiration date. 
• Wipe down hard surfaces: For sinks, shelves and hardware, use a disinfecting spray to remove dirt and common household germs. Pay special attention to handles and faucets! Remove soap scum from tubs and tile surfaces and give your toilet bowl a good scrubbing. 
• Organize medicine & toiletry cabinets: Before you start adding items back in, wipe down the inside and outside with warm, soapy water and a washcloth, or our disinfecting wipes. Keep like items together, adding storage baskets and shelves if needed. Refold linens and towels. 

Now, let's focus on beauty products. Here's the truth: We all probably own – and use – way too many. Of course there's the issue of clutter – but did you know that over-using products can actually be detrimental to your skin's health? 

This is largely due to the fact that many mainstream beauty products are filled with things like synthetic ingredients, fragrances, artificial colorants, and fillers. Difficult for your skin to process and often inflammatory, these are not the ingredients for healthy skin. They are the ingredients for overloaded and irritated skin – and a messy bathroom. Here are three easy ways to scale back: 

• Remove a step from your routine: Whether it is your "foundation primer" or second cleanser, consider eliminating a non-essential product from your beauty regimen. You'll save time and money, your bathroom will be neater, and your skin will thank you. Can't decide? Chuck the product that has a strong fragrance or possesses an ingredient list that you can't begin to decipher. 
• Eliminate ingredients: The real issue in using lots of beauty products is that their ingredient lists are usually quite long and complex. This has additive results; applying three products can actually equate to applying 30+ ingredients. To combat this, look for skincare and personal care products with simple ingredient lists that you can understand; it's a philosophy that S.W. Basics strictly adheres to – five, all-natural ingredients or less is really all you need. 
• Make your kitchen your bathroom: Some of the best skincare ingredients can be found in your pantry or refrigerator. You can use fine-grain sea salt to combat acne and for chemical exfoliation, try any organic, plant-based oil (olive, avocado, coconut) for their moisturizing and anti-aging properties, and organic apple cider vinegar can help even out skin tone and balance pH. Happy skin and a Zen-like bathroom awaits! 

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